A Sidewalk Is A Wall

For a wheelchair user, a sidewalk without an access ramp is a wall. And, according to the latest census, only 9% of sidewalks in São Paulo have access ramps. Therefore, to draw attention to this lack of accessibility, we invited artists to do what they do best to the city’s walls to do their art on walls that only wheelchair users are aware of.

AThis is how A SIDEWALK IS A WALL came about, a project by NGO Movimento SuperAção that took on the responsibility of raising society’s awareness about the importance of including people with disabilities. Not only because of the basic human rights principle, but also because of the obvious and inherent advantages of coexisting with differences.

Learn more about the work carried out by NGO Movimento SuperAção at fb.com/movimentosuperacao and www.movimentosuperacao.org. Follow project A SIDEWALK IS A WALL on Instagram @calcadaemuro.

How can I implement an access ramp on my street?

The City is responsible for lowering sidewalk curbs at pedestrian crossings.

You can request accessibility for your sidewalk by calling City Hall at 156, and then selecting option 3, followed by option 1 and, lastly, option 2.

To learn more about sidewalks, the City provides a manual. Click here to download it.

Would you like to show your graffiti on sidewalk curbs and join the movement? Here’s how to do it:


Choose a sidewalk without an access ramp. It has to be at a pedestrian crossing.


Once your art is ready, paint the @calcadaemuro stencil next to it. Request your template through the following email: calcadaemuro@gmail.com or download it here.


Mark your location.


Take high-quality photos in these two angles.


Together with your text, insert the project’s explanatory phrase.

NGO Movimento SuperAção was created in 2003 by youngsters concerned about a society that still does not fully recognize the citizenship and rights of people with disabilities.

Through our inclusive events, we seek to transform this reality, ensuring accessibility and citizenship to everyone, defending human rights and giving people with disabilities a lead role in the social inclusion process.

Don’t forget to request authorization before doing your graffiti and repainting the curve back in white again after taking the photos.